Online Congress and Seminar

online kongre seminer

Online Kongre ve Seminer Online Congress and Seminar Bring the whole process together under one roof for your online congresses and seminars. Make it easy for attendees to get information about the event, register, and communicate. Discover how Vedubox supports your online congresses and seminars. TRY VEDUBOX Streamline your online congress and seminar processes with […]

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Digitalize your training where you promote your products and services. Prepare current and practical training for your customer or sales teams. Discover how Vedubox supports your sales and marketing training. TRY VEDUBOX Digitize your customer and sales team training with Vedubox. Provide online training for different target audiences. Create a personalized online […]

What Is Intranet?


Due to the development of technology and the widespread use of home working systems, many institutions and organizations continue to work through the system called intranet network. Intranet network is the name given to the internal system between employees within the company. Intranet, a private network, is used to securely share company information and computing […]

What is an LMS? What does Learning Management System do?


What is LMS? In recent years, we have started to encounter this question more and more. And the most important reason of this is the increasing influence of technology in the education sector, which has passed through many stages.  Successive developments in the field of education in the last century have transformed the education not […]