How Do Companies Get Stronger With Video Conferencing?

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How Do Companies Get Stronger With Video Conferencing?   We live in a world connected by digital networks. We can reach each other from anywhere, at any time, via the internet, which offers great value to companies: Video Conferencing.   We can simply define video conferencing as a technology that enables video conversations simultaneously [...]

Things to Consider While Doing a Webinar

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Things to Consider While Doing a Webinar Physical distances do not prevent you from addressing the masses, thanks to technology. You can reach anywhere in the world and eliminate the limits via webinars with the participation of 10,000 users. Moreover, you can maximize the efficiency of the webinar with these meetings where interactive participation [...]

6 Features of an Outstanding Online Training System

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6 Features of an Outstanding Online Training System   Online training systems have highly changed the training experience. The transfer of training to the digital world bestows various options for companies to make a difference in the training sector. This diversity can be advantageous as well as challenging for the party who wants to [...]

LMS Increases The Efficiency Of Your Onboarding Training, But How?

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The technology has advanced at a great pace. It is hard to ignore this change, which is inevitable in many areas of our lives, including education. Especially with the introduction of LMS (Learning Management System), the learning experience has gained a brand new meaning. Public institutions, private schools, independent bodies, international businesses, [...]

8 Ways to Increase Efficiency in Distance Education

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Distance education has become very popular, along with the domination of the internet in our lives. It is a groundbreaking development in education since it makes knowledge reach everywhere quickly. But, distance education is not effective by default. You need to organize a well-designed education program for maximum efficiency. Here are 8 ways to increase [...]

It is Time For Video Conference Now! Do You Know Why?

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In the age of technology, distances and space no longer matter to share information. In parallel, the demand for video conference systems is growing rapidly every year. Do you know why? In today’s world, business world has already adopted many innovations such as distance work, international cooperation, distance education, and online job interview. This big [...]

Creative Ways to Leverage Videos in Your Training

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Videos can be compelling learning resources for your employees or students. They are processed faster, retained longer, and can be used effectively in various training scenarios. You can prepare training/educational videos in many ways 1) Camera recording 2) Camtasia Studio : screen recording with webcam 3) GoAnimate : animation based videos 4) Greenbox videos [...]

Etgi Grup brings to you Vedubox

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Etgi Grup brings to you Vedubox- Virtual Education Box which is an easy way of e-learning! VeduBox is an Innovative Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to make cloud-based online learning and training better for everyone. It’s easy to set up, completely customizable, and totally secure. It’s flexible enough to handle as many learners as you need [...]