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Vedubox Online Event System

Vedubox Event has been specially designed for individuals and institutions conducting online events such as webinars, video meetings, workshops, seminars, panels, congresses, networking (business networking), symposiums.

It combines functions like online event creation, promotion, announcement web page, participant and calendar management, optional registration, online payment and reporting all in one system. It works integrated with video and web conferencing systems.

How does it work?

Create an event

Fill in the details of the event. Upload event images.

Customize your event registration

Edit your speakers and questions, then share the event page.

Start an event

Start your activity. Manage speakers and participants


Get a list of participants and a complete report on the event

All-in-one virtual event management

Online webinars

One-on-one online meetings

Virtual meeting rooms

Virtual conference rooms

Online workshops

Roundtable meetings

Manage your events


  • One platform for all your virtual event needs
  • Simultaneous recording of different events
  • The ability to set a number limit on event records and the system to stop recording when a certain number is reached
  • Sharing information about the event and collecting applications through the system is possible thanks to the event page.
  • Broadcasting the events live on the system
  • Ability to share and present events to user’s taste over the system
  • Ability to access reports of all events and export participant lists in different formats
  • Ability to send out automatic reminders to individuals who have registered for events
  • Possibility of sharing participant, partner, sponsor, speaker, and agenda lists without fear of violating restrictions such as the Personal Data Protection Organization.
  • Ability to create paid events, receive payment by credit card and report earnings


Vedubox is a  white label software. The logo can be customized using corporate colors. You can create your own interface by adding your company’s logo and choosing your corporate colors from the system.

Details such as cover image, event details, speaker image and description, sponsors can be added to the event page. You can display your visual, video and text content by adding it in website format.

You can organize paid and free events through Vedubox Event. You can choose one of the payment integrations available on the system: PayPal, Iyzico or Stripe. By adding your information, you can have the payments transferred directly to your bank account.

During registration, you can ask any questions you want and check the answers from the reports.

You can organize events in the capacity you want according to the video conference license type you have purchased.

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