In companies, you may need to train employees on different subjects from time to time. You can prepare employee training easily and practically with Vedubox.

  • Saving Time and Space: Instead of bringing together the personnel working in different locations for the training, you can provide remote in-company training with the Vedubox system.
  • Video Conference Feature: You can conduct your meetings remotely with high resolution and sound quality without the need to gather in a physical environment.
  • Paper and Documentation Savings: You will avoid wasting paper because you will prepare the training contents and hold exams online.
  • Progress Tracking: You can track the progress of your employees and check whether they complete the training or not.
  • Exam&Certification: You can hold an exam and test the learning status of the participants. If you want, you can also create a certificate for successful participants.
  • Job interviews: You can do job interviews online through visual environment when recruiting new personnel. In this way, it provides convenience to the candidate personnel to be interviewed in terms of time and material (transportation, etc.) and to the company in terms of saving time.