e-learning systems for private courses

Private Tuition Center

When we look at the sectors in which LMS (Learning Management Systems) is used, it is seen that the education sector uses them most. Distance education can be used as an educational tool in private tuition centers, private schools, as well as formal educational institutions. In this sense, Vedubox presents e-learning environments to private educational institutions with its reliable infrastructure.

  • Self-paced learning: Every participant does not learn at the same pace. Some learn faster while others learn slower. For this reason, Vedubox has been developed to enable each participant to learn at their own pace.
  • Live video: Instant online courses can be offered with video call support and can be recorded for later viewing. In this way, participants can watch the session they have not understood or missed.
  • Content Sharing: You can share documents, videos, and audio with participants in courses. Not all participants’ learning styles are the same. Some of them have strong visual or auditory learning skills, and others learn better by reading. You can address different learning styles with the ability to add documents in different formats.
  • Exam Feature: Participants can be given an exam involving various types of questions during the course and at the end of the course. You can test whether they successfully complete the training or not.
  • Reporting&Certification: You can track the progress of the participants by reporting their achievements. If you want, you can create a certification for successful participants.
  • Paper and Documentation Savings: You can avoid wasting paper as you will prepare the training contents and hold the exams online.
  • Course Sales: You can sell your courses through the VeduBox portal and receive online payments through the portal.