The Learning learning management system (LMS) is a next generation learning management system (LMS) built from scratch to address the learning requirements of the present and the future.
VeduBox enables any institution, company or anyone to establish online education, online training system on the internet with their identity
VeduBox is an Innovative Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to make cloud-based online learning and training better for everyone. It’s easy to set up, completely customizable, and totally secure. It’s flexible enough to handle as many learners as you need it to – and robust enough to deliver detailed tracking and reporting on each and every one of them.
Our clients include corporates, and training, education companies as well as tutors. We work with clients internationally providing solutions to their training and eLearning needs.
We also work with organizations looking to train their employees, partners, and customers using Web-based training or mobile-based training.