Vedubox Exam

Your online exams are more effective and safe with Vedubox Exam.

Using Vedubox Exam, create a pool with the questions in different formats and organize online exams. Prepare tests, quizzes, and exams using this pool of questions. Evaluate exams right away with detailed exam reports.

How does it work?


Create Question

Many questions types such as multiple-choice, multiple-choice multiple answers, gap-filling, true or false, yes or no, drag and drop, questions with pictures, matching, putting in order, matrix and likert are supported. The questions are kept in the question bank.


Create Test

The questions created in the first stage are selected from the question pool and tests are created after necessary adjustments. The order of questions can be changed for each user.


Creating an Exam

You can choose the tests you created in the previous stage and create a quiz after a few simple adjustments.

Vedubox Exam offers different options for you to create online exams securely. You can create exams with optical readers available in the system. Moreover, involving the participation of the supervisor, you can organize exams with higher security.

With Vedubox Live, customize the system using the features you need and only pay for the features you use.