Vedubox LMS

Combine online training and content management with Vedubox LMS.

Vedubox LMS combines training management and content management features to make online learning more effective.

Highlights of Vedubox LMS

Manager Features

User Management

Categorize Vedubox LMS users and create participant groups. Activate different features for the instructor, user, and manager. Share your educational content only with relevant users.

Content Management

Allow your users to access resources in different formats with the cloud-based online library. Share documents with your users on a single system in various formats such as interactive video, PDF, MS Word, Scorm, Video, HTML, and live training that you have recorded for rewatching.

Process Management

Easily organize your training with the Dynamic Live Training Calendar. Create live training with the calendar screen, let your audience register to events directly, and take automatic attendance. Don’t waste extra time registering and inviting attendees.

Reporting and Analysis

Follow the users’ progress with detailed training reports throughout the learning process. Easily track the participation in the live events and how actively they use the resources in the system. Automatically report and analyze attendance with the Attendance Report.

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Training and Content Management Features


Live Training

For the online Live Training module of Vedubox LMS, you can choose a video conferencing tool to be integrated. Vedubox will empower this video conferencing infrastructure for online training. Vedubox has advanced features for live training sessions.


Learning Path

Creating a Learning Path in the system that supports immediate learning increases the efficiency of training for your users and supports them in specializing in a particular subject.



Automatically save your online sessions and training in the Replay section or inside the training to allow replaying. So, you facilitate self-paced learning and reinforcement of knowledge.


Online Exam and Test

An advanced online Exam and Test module can be integrated into Vedubox LMS. You can use documents in different formats and various question types in exams. Also, these exams can be held under supervision. Moreover, exam results are reported automatically.



Interactive Technologies

Assign homework with interactive learning technologies of Vedubox LMS and help users complete specific tasks from any device they wish. Add questions to interactive videos or use the interactive whiteboard for your live training.


Feedback and Socialization

Increase interaction and get feedback from your users with Q&A and in-training surveys. Help them participate more actively in the process with live training, Chat feature, and one-on-one meetings. Encourage trainees to work together by creating workgroups.



To apply the gamification technique in online training, let your users earn points from certain assignments. Increase active participation in the training by rewarding their increasing points as they progress in training.


Online Certificate

Giving certificates increases the motivation of your users who have completed the stages you have determined or who have shown particular success in online exams.

With Vedubox Live, customize the system using the features you need and only pay for the features you use.


You can add users based on the system, its units and subunits. You can make collective assignments over the units, as well as assigning special training to users.

Content and training completion status reports, test result reports,attendance to the live session reports and many other reports can be obtained.

You can issue ready-made certificates of the system or certificates that you have prepared specifically for your institution.

You can add educational contents in PDF, Microsoft Office documents, link, embed video, SCORM, audio file, HTML 5 and many more formats. You can also create educational content with Loom, which is integrated into the system.

Vedubox is a white-label LMS system. You can customize the platform according to your own corporate identity, logo and colors.

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