Vedubox Premium

With Vedubox Premium, everything you need for online education and remote working is blended.

All the necessary features for your online academy and remote working processes are on a single platform with Vedubox Premium. Vedubox Premium strengthens Zoom and MS Teams with its online training features. Thanks to this development, you may simplify your process management and content management.

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Use a single platform for your online meeting, online training, and webinar organizations. Provide a more interactive experience with Live Survey, Event Management, and Reporting modules. Make the participation, interaction, and analysis processes easier for both the administrator and the user.

In a system supporting immediate learning, create a learning path for your users and make your training more efficient. You may both motivate users and provide active participation by using gamification techniques in your training. Increase interaction with Q&A and in-training surveys. Encourage trainees to work together by creating workgroups.

Create a question pool in different formats to organize an online exam, make tests and quizzes by using the questions of this pool. Evaluate exams right away with detailed exam reports. Throughout the training, follow the progress of the users with detailed training reports. Give certificates to your successful users.
All online education features are offered together with Vedubox Premium. So, strengthening your online and hybrid education is much easier now!

With Vedubox Live, customize the system using the features you need and only pay for the features you use.