It is an online exam system that includes features like question bank, leaf test,  exam, reporting and analysis

  • Creating Questions: Unlimited questions can be defined in a categorized way. Many types of questions are supported: multiple choice,  space filling, right wrong, yes no, drop by, picture question, matching, sorting, matrix and likert.
  • Question Bank: The generated questions are kept in the question bank.
  • Test: Tests can be created by selecting questions from the question bank. The order of questions can be shuffeled for different user.
  • Examination: Exams can be created by using tests.
  • Rating: Instant automatic evaluation
  • Reporting and Management: Adding users in different roles such as teacher, administrator and reporting and anaylsis of  course and content management, registered student, daily and monthly income.
  • Online Payment: Iyzico and PayPal
  • Social Networking: Social networking between trainers and students and other users
  • Online Storage:   allows you to add files in any format into courses such as pdf, word, power point, drawing etc.